Combined Heat & Power Biofuel

If you’re looking for a sustainable way to produce heat and power, our CHP Biofuel is an environmentally-friendly alternative to heating oil.

What is combined heat and power?

The combined heat and power process is also commonly known as cogeneration or cogen. It’s a blend of both heat and power from a single fuel source, commonly diesel or gas. CHP systems are extremely efficient as they produce electricity and use the resulting heat for warming spaces, providing hot water and much more for domestic, commercial and industrial users.

Since CHP concurrently produces electricity and heat from one fuel, it’s around 40% more efficient than regular heating oil. This efficiency can be further improved through the use of renewable fuels like CHP Biofuel. Our product for cogeneration systems yields 87% fewer CO2 emissions than mineral diesel, while still being biodegradable and non-toxic.

To find out more about Combined Heat and Power (CHP) biofuel, get in touch with our fuel experts on 0333 200 0209.

CHP Biofuel benefits

  • Yields 87% fewer CO2 emissions compared to regular diesel
  • Biodegradable and fully non-toxic
  • Guaranteed to meet OFGEM requirements in order to earn ROCs certificates
  • Exceeds the minimum requirements of EN14214 (European standard for heating oils)

CHP Biofuel quality

Every batch of CHP Biofuel is tested to ensure it meets the EN14214 (European Standard for heating fuels), and Speedy Fuels’ product exceeds these standards.

What’s more, it’s produced from fully renewable and sustainable sources which are verified by OFGEM to ensure it’s suitable for ROCs, allowing you to save up to 50% on OFGEM-approved installations.

Renewable obligation certificates (ROC)

At Speedy Fuels, we make our own product from reprocessed, clean waste oils, ensuring it’s of superb quality. Renewable obligation certificates (ROCs) are awarded by OFGEM to companies that use environmentally friendly sources such as CHP Biofuel.

Our biofuel meets OFGEM’s requirements for ROC’s eligibility and has also been approved for CHP installations. Call 0333 200 0209 to find out more about reducing your CO2 emissions.