Carbon Clean Kerosene

Switch to Carbon Clean Kerosene, our environmentally-friendly alternative to regular heating oil and cut your CO2 emissions. Call 0333 200 0209 to speak to a fuel specialist or read on to learn more.

What is Carbon Clean Kerosene?

Carbon Clean Kerosene has been specifically designed to improve boiler efficiency which ultimately helps to cut your heating costs. Plus, it helps to avoid the common problems often found in boiler systems to ultimately reduce your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

How does Carbon Clean Kerosene cut your CO2 emissions?

Carbon Clean Kerosene has several anti-oxidants that are added to the fuel which help to avoid the common problems that occur in boiler systems. These work by keeping the boiler clean and reducing the rate of consumption which ultimately means less CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere.

To find out more about Carbon Clean Kerosene, get in touch with our fuel experts on 0333 200 0209.

Carbon Clean Kerosene benefits

  • Lowers the build-up of carbon
  • No more kerosene smell
  • Lowers sludge build-up providing a cleaner system
  • Optimised burner performance, leading to greater fuel efficiency
  • Lower risk of boiler breakdown
  • Produces less CO2 emissions
  • Safe to use

Our premium Carbon Clean Kerosene has a whole host of benefits over standard kerosene. To learn more and to see if it’s something you would like to try. Call our experts today on 0333 200 0209